Controlled Frenzy





Controlled Frenzy is the creative prototyping, research and development consultancy of Christopher Hunt - creative technologist, builder of rather cool things.

Chris works with clients to develop engaging audience-focussed technology prototypes, products, and installations to explore their data and ideas so they can grow and adapt to new ways of working, communicating and doing business.

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Chris Hunt will take you on an adventure of creativity and discovery as he recounts the tale of how he and his team developed an interactive art installation for the Tate Modern. Inspired by the experiences of the people who would enjoy his work, Chris will make you want to find out more about being a creative technologist!
Loving Grace Part One: An Agile Retrospective Christopher Hunt Agile Practices Loving Grace Part One is an interactive art installation initially developed for FutureSync in June 2017. It explores how artificial intelligences interpret, understand and interact with human behaviour by creating a simulacra of the audience as they arrive.